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Paulo Roberto Dos Santos has a high reputation on working with athletes.

Many aspects have to be considered in order to get the best out of you while performing on stage. Planning the choreography, strength and endurance training, as well as the ultimate hand tailored clothing for your performance will give you the edge over the other competitors. Paulo can deliver that package in a way that suites your personal needs and demands.

Another key aspect for a successful performance is the music that is played during your choreography.
Paulo is making and customizing songs for performing athletes since almost 20 years now and knows what is needed to create a unique piece of music that supports and elevates you and your performance.

No matter what style or wish you have, Paulo will always give his very best to make your musical ideas
or suggestions come to life. If you are interested in information about the process of creating some
customized music for your needs, or if you have further questions regarding music from Paulo,
feel free to write an email to: contact[at]paulodossantos.com

Below you can listen to three 30 second examples that were made for aerobic competitions. Just click on each play symbol to listen.